Sunday, March 1, 2009

Daimond Trade

The general principles of the art of diamond trading will be considered here. I get many emails from would-be-traders who are looking to become diamond buyers. Many are often naïve to the point of dreaming with their eyes open. To help some genuine novices and to discourage some obvious dreamers, I will share some insides into a reality of diamond trade and answer most asked questions.
The diamond trade, one of the most secretive and informal business, is organized along this line:

Miner - he mines diamonds
Shop owner - he establish a licenced shop in the diamond mining area and supply various miners in exchange of diamonds they produce
Diamond dealer - he buys from many shop owners and/or miners
Diamond buyer - he visits the diamond producing regions and buys from local diamond dealers
Diamond trader - he is established in main diamond trading centers and buys from various diamond buyers, which he often finances.
Diamond cutter - he buys rough diamonds from diamond traders to cut them
Cut diamond wholesaler - he buys cut diamonds from diamond cutters and supplies local retailers or jewelry manufacturers
Jewelry maker/wholesaler - he makes or wholesales ready made jewelry
Cut diamond/jewelry retailer - he sales to final client.

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